InScience Film Festival | Hunting for Hedonia

Introduction by Kasper Spoelstra

In collaboration with Theater de Veste  and Studium Generale Delft, we are proud to present the first satellite edition of the InScience Film Festival in Delft. All films are introduced by an expert and after the film, there is an opportunity for discussion.

Hunting for Hediona

Nowadays, more and more people are being diagnosed with a mental disease. Science may now have found the solution for the likes of depression, Tourette and various compulsive disorders: Deep Brain Stimulation. With the help of electrodes in the brain a feeling of happiness might be activated or negative emotions could be suppressed. The question remains whether this is an ethical practice as the possibility to change peoples personality is seemingly becoming a reality. In this documentary both scientists and patients talk about their experience with the controversial treatment.

Introduction by Kasper Spoelstra.