InScience Film Festival | Picture a Scientist

Introduction and discussion with Amy Thomas

In collaboration with Theater de Veste  and Studium Generale Delft, we are proud to present the first satellite edition of the InScience Film Festival in Delft. All films are introduced by an expert and after the film, there is an opportunity for discussion.

Picture a Scientist

Picture a scientist. What do you see? Most people don’t imagine a woman. An important reason is that women in general didn’t have the same chances or gotten the same amount of respect as men got in science. In the documentary three women tell about their diverse, negative experience in the scientific world because of their gender, while also showing how their inner strength and love for their fields made it possible for them to change their surroundings for the better.

Introduction and discussion by Amy Thomas.

InScience is one of the largest science film festivals in Europe, and unique to The Netherlands. The festival is aimed at the intersection between film, science and society. The programme consists of science films, debates and an educational programme for children and youth. The sixth edition of the festival takes place between 11 and 15 november in and around LUX Nijmegen.