Round Table Discussion: Climate Change

Met: Jaap Spier, Steve Vanderheide, Bram Bregman, Kornelis Blok

Climate change: responsibilities and obligations of states, enterprises and universities

The next Climate Conference will start on November 30. All members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will then gather in Paris to discuss the future of climate change to negotiate the role that each country plays in dealing with this global problems. One of the key issues in these negotiations is the nature and magnitude of the (legal) obligations that states agree on.

In this round table discussion, we will discuss the (moral) responsibilities and (legal) obligations of different parties including national states, enterprises, NGO’s and universities in combatting the global climate change.


15:00 Room will be open
15:15 A brief introduction of the Oslo Principles on Global Climate Obligations
15:30 Reflection by the panel on the principles
16:00 Open discussion with the panel and the public
16:45 Drinks

Organized by TU Delft Faculty of Technology Policy and Management, the TU Delft Climate Institute and Studium Generale Delft.